Looking for a way to make moving day a little less stressful? Check out our handy checklist below, or click here for a printable copy.

Send Change of Address To:

  • Post Office
  • Friends & Relatives
  • Banks & Credit Card Companies
  • Insurance Company (Life, Health, Home, Auto)
  • Newspapers &/or Magazine subscriptions (Several weeks in advance)
  • Ministry of Transportation & Communication (Car ownership & driver’s licenses)

Notify and Make Arrangements For:

  • Children (Schools, Babysitters, Daycare)
  • Medical, Dental & Hospital Records (Transfer for x-rays, prescriptions, etc.)
  • Church, service clubs (Transfer memberships, get letters of introduction if needed)
  • Bank accounts (Transfer funds, arrange cheque-cashing in new locality, change transit numbers for any automatic payments, safety deposit box, order cheques with         new address)
  • Insurance coverage for new location
  • Pets (Check regulations for licenses, tags, vaccinations & locate veterinarian)
  • Gardening Company (check lawn care contract at your home)
  • Legal Records (contact your lawyer)
  • Helpful Phone Numbers: Burlington Hydro: 905-332-1851, Hamilton Hydro: 905-522-9200, Oakville Hydro: 905-825-9400, Union Gas: 1-888-774-3111, Bell Canada: 905-310-BELL (2355), Cogeco Cable: 905-333-5522

Other Things To Do:

  • Hire a mover (Check out insurance coverage and cost. Decide who is packing and unpacking, set arrival day and time).
  • Clean curtains and rugs (Better done before the move if possible)
  • Clean closets, etc. (Have that Garage Sale before moving)
  • Defrost freezer (Plan use of foods before moving)

Moving Day:

  • Carry with you:  money, jewelry, documents, items you will need immediately upon arrival such as light bulbs, screwdriver, etc., facial and toilet tissue, pet food and     dishes, baby equipment, snacks, kettle, tea or coffee equipment.
  • Advise movers of what is to be loaded last so it is unloaded first at your new home.
  • Pets: arrange for special needs when traveling. Best if they are out of the movers’ way at both loading and unloading locations
  • Double check:  closets, drawers and shelves to be sure that nothing is left behind.
  • Keys:  leave all keys needed by the new owner with your lawyer Last Check:  just before leaving, check that the furnace or air conditioner is adjusted accordingly,  and the telephone has been disconnected.
  • Check that meters have been read (lawyers usually make adjustments)
  • Turn off lights, lock windows and doors